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Microscope Slides

Plain Slides

Our microscopes slides are made of corrosion resistant glass with smoothly polished edges. Precleaned. 75x25mm approx. 1mm thick. Packed 72pcs (1/2 gross) per box, 20 boxes (10gross) per case.

9101 - Plain Slides, 10gr/case



Premium Slides

Our premium grade slides provide consistent results for all laboratory tests. Packed 72pcs/box, 20 boxes (10gross) per case.

9101-E  -Premium Slides Plain, 10gr/case
9108W-E  -Premium Slides White, 10gr/case
9108B-E  -Premium Slides Blue, 10gr/case
9108G-E  - Premium Slides Green, 10gr/case
9108P-E  - Premium Slides Pink, 10gr/case
9108Y-E  - Premium Slides Yellow, 10gr/case



Charged Slides

Special adhesive formula coated on slides also known as "Positively Charged" allows specimen to adhere to slide easily. Available in colors. Packed 72pcs/box, 20 boxes (10 gross) per case.

9308W - Charged Slides White, 10gr/case
9308B -Charged Slides Blue, 10gr/case
9308G -Charged Slides Green, 10gr/case
9308P -Charged Slides Pink, 10gr/case
9308Y -Charged Slides Yellow, 10gr/case


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